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Oskar's collection

All puzzles featured on this page have been developed, or co-developed, by puzzle-designer extraordinaire Oskar van Deventer of the Netherlands. Ever wondered what a 4D maze might look like? Or how your alter-ego might feel if trapped in a parallel-universe maze? Well now you can find out.

Hysteresis: Solve the maze using pull-push motion only.

Counter-step: Featuring a very contrary blue dot.

4D maze: Lose yourself in the fourth dimension.

Parallel universe: Ego versus alter-ego. Can you satisfy them both?

Haunted vending machine: Perfect for chocoholics on a diet.

Threesome: Three-way co-operation problems.

Jukebox: Coin-tumbling trickery to tie your brain in knots.

Active mazes: A maze on steroids - it just won't sit still!

Polyfold: Crazy shape folding puzzles. 2D origami gone mad?

Begian maze: Two steps forward one step back (or was that forward?).

Fourbit: Can you switch off all the lights?

Dragon maze: A clever fractal design to explore on the move.

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© Andrea Gilbert & Oskar van Deventer - 2003-2004