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HexaRoll (spin mazes) ☕

HexaRoll is a spinning puzzle-maze devised by Oskar van Deventer and implemented in applet form by Graham. Spin the hexagonal board until the red ball comes to rest in the yellow area.

Click on the image to the right to try Oskar's full size puzzle, or first try the smaller warm up puzzle below.

Remember these are tilt-based puzzles, the ball will always drop in a straight line until it comes to rest. You cannot influence the balls trajectory once it is in motion.

Applet-runner plugin required

Mini HexaRoll

Spin the board until the ball comes to rest in the yellow target area.


Click on Restart to reset.


Use the spin buttons to rotate the board. Note, the board will not spin while the ball is in motion.

The photo on the right shows a mechanical version of Mini-HexaRoll implemented by Oskar van Deventer. It should be held vertical on a horizontal surface and rolled gently left and right.

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concept - © Oskar van Deventer - 2001
maze designs © - Oskar van Deventer & Andrea Gilbert - 2001
spin applet - © Graham Rogers - 2001
hosted with permission from Graham Rogers & Oskar van Deventer