Clickmazes - FAQ

Welcome to clickmazes FAQ. If you are experiencing run-time issues or just want to know more about the clickmazes puzzles, this page may help.

Q01: Can I play the clickmazes web-apps on my tablet or smart-phone?

Increasingly yes. As of November 2021 the site now contains a mix of puzzlescript and native JS/HTML5 apps. Behaviour across different browsers and devices does vary somewhat however.

Q02: I see a message telling me the applet is currently unavailable. When will it be available again?

Some of the old (pre-2014) interactive content has not yet been ported to HTML5. Some items are in progress, the rest is still on the TODO list. If there is something you would like to see sooner rather than later, drop me an email and let me know exactly what.

Q04: Where is the old clickmazes maze-gallery and attic-gallery?

The old gallery web-pages are currently offline but the maze designs themselves are accessible on a google drive here.

Q05: Can you recommend any other puzzle web-apps I can play direct in the browser?

You might want to start by exploring my Puzzlescript collection page. But if you are looking specifically for logic-mazes here are a few more recommendations:

Q06: Can I download an app to play these puzzles on my tablet or smart-phone?

There is no single app that contains all the clickmazes puzzles. If an app is available it will be be listed on the puzzle web-page. BoxUp and Tilt iOS apps have been developed by Bill. Check them out here.

Q07: Can you recommend some good downloadable puzzle-apps?

Some excellent recommendations can be found at Tom Cutrofello's GottaSolveIt blog

Q08: I think I've hit a new issue - not covered above.

Please email me the details and I will see if I can fix it.

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