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Polyfold puzzles

'Fold' the blue shape to match the green shapes and/or to fit inside the red target squares. When you click on a corner the shape will fold along the line defined by the adjacent two corners.

This challenge is based on an original cardboard-and-string puzzle called Heptafold invented by Oskar in 1988. In software form however the mechanics is much more adaptable and flexible. In the snake puzzles for instance the same mechanics is applied to an open-ended, non-symmetric 'shape' creating something that feels quite chaotic in behaviour. Can you control the chaos and solve the ultimate challenge... snake-charmer?

Sorry - this applet is currently unavailable


'Fold' the blue shape to match the green target shapes and/or to fit inside the red target squares. Each target will grey out when you reach it (to complete each challenge you must clear all red and green targets). Black shapes are blockers, a blue line can never intersect a black line.


Use the Puzzle drop-list to select a puzzle.
Use the Restart (Action) or hit space to reset the puzzle.
Use 't' to toggle on/off the dashed 'preview' lines.


Click on a corner of the blue shape to fold it. If you hover the mouse over a corner you can preview the result of the fold.

Original concept - © Oskar van Deventer 1988
Applet & puzzles - © Andrea Gilbert 2003-04
hosted with permission from Oskar van Deventer