Maze gallery

This is a collection of non-interactive mazes that span many years of maze design. The first set are simple, traditional mazes (dressed up a little in some cases). The second set all have pathways which weave under and over each other. The final set all include some form of direction control, otherwise known as multistate mazes or simply mazes with rules. Click on the maze titles to see the full image. Follow clickmazes on twitter for advanced previews of new mazes here.

New June 2009: The gallery bought bang up to date with a set of new mazes drawn in full, glorious, scalable-vector-graphics (SVG) format using inkscape version 0.45.

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Simple mazes Under and over mazes Direction-control mazes
Walk on walls 3
June 2009
Drinks tokens
Walk on walls
Impoffible waffle

June 2009

Walk on walls 2
Single cube
Target practice
Cube tube
Celtic knotwork
Metro maze
June 2009
June 2009
AABBC maze
June 2009
Octiamond maze
Step by number
No left turn
All arrows
Left and right only
Sum trouble

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