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Bertie: Little bro' Brett - designer of clickmazes look'n'feel
Graham Rogers:
Author of several clickmazes applets.
Robert Abbott:
Ed Pegg Jr:
Adrian Fisher:
Jimmy Stephens:
Serhiy Grabarchuk:
Metanate: My friendly ISP.
Gatherings for Gardner:
G4G website.
Java from SUN: Download your JDK here.
Inkscape: Open-source vector graphics editor.

Eye Wonder specializes in publishing the highest quality, nonviolent, eBooks and apps in the following areas: puzzles, brain teasers, illusions, magic, mathematical and mental recreations, innovative and creative thinking skills, recreations and curiosities of the mind, and mathematical art. Works are authored by the most accomplished leaders and renowned creators, designer and authors in each respective field.

Sites mentioned elsewhere on clickmazes or otherwise worthy of a special mention...

Eric Solomon: UK inventor of Blackbox (amongst other things).
Erich Friedman: Erich's Puzzle Palace.
Joker-Games: Original java maze-puzzles.
Scott Kim: Inversions, magazine articles, on-line puzzles.
PeterPuzzle: The puzzling world of puzzle designer Peter Grabarchuk.
PerplexCity: Join the hunt for the Receda Cube.
PuzzleMuseum: A window into James Dalgety's world-famous puzzle collection.
PuzzlePalace: A window into George Miller's world of 3D puzzle printing.
PuzzleWorld: information on the world's finest mechanical puzzles (and puzzlers), including...
...... Nick Baxter's Sliding Block Puzzle page
...... Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition page
ThinkFun: (formerly Binary Arts)
Bob Hearn of MIT - author of The Complexity of Sliding Block Puzzles (and Plank Puzzles, too)
SuperMaze: Don O'Brien's 3D interactive mazes.
PuzzleMonster: Good puzzles and reviews of other puzzle sites.
Zillions-Of-Games: A universal gaming engine.
The Lighter Side of Dr. Paulsen: puzzle collection.

And a few more sites for good measure...

MegaMazes: High-quality mazes for view/download/print.
Morrison Maze™ prints: Solvable modern art.
aMAZEing ART: maze-art themed on wonders of the ancient world.
Maze Zing: Jeff Montanye's amazing mazes from photographs.
Toby Nelson: Minatour Mazes.
Walter Pullen: Think Labyrinth! Applets, maze galleries and more.
iMazes: Elegant pattern-based maze designs by Travis Storms
American Maze Company: Amazing Maize Mazes
Kadon Enterprises:
Ishihama Yoshiaki:
A huge and varied selection of applets.