No left turn mazes

Your challenge is to manouvre the black dot to the red square without ever turning left, or making a U-turn. Harder than it looks. Maze No.1 can also be found in the Maze Gallery. Maze No.2 is an 'open' maze based on the same rule. An illustration of a mechanical no-X-turn maze is also shown below

New July 2005: Two new mazes added, designed by Palmer Mebane.

Sorry, this is a Java applet.


Beware, if you make a bad decision in this maze you may get completely stuck and have to restart.

Click on Restart to refresh the maze.
Click anywhere on maze to gain focus (if required).

Use the cursor keys to move

r – restart maze

No-X-turn mazes were first offered to the public in the lates 90s as full-size walk-round mazes to accompany maize-mazes in the USA and UK. They are most frequently built using bales of hay. You can read about all types of walk-thru mazes, and see some photos, here at Robert Abbott's site.

And here is a photo showing a mechanical version of a No-X-turn maze (in this case a no-right-turn maze). It was made by M. Oskar van Deventer from the Netherlands, based on Adrian Fisher's Jammed Tractor design. A special half-moon shape under the tractor prevents it from turning right or backing up

Applet – © Andrea Gilbert 2000-05
Maze designs
– © Andrea Gilbert 2000 & Palmer Mebane 2005
No-X-turn mechanical puzzle – © M. Oskar van Deventer 2000
Jammed Tractor maze design – © Adrian Fisher 1998