Attic gallery

This is a collection of old hand-drawn mazes from the archives. A sort of pictoral, auto-biographical review of my early mazing years. Modern, digitised versions of my favoured designs can also be found in the Maze gallery but these originals are generally a little larger and thus more challenging. Click on the maze title to see the full design, and in some cases a little background information. Dates are wildly approximate.

Note, many of these designs have been rotated through ninety-degrees to fit better within their individual frames.

79-84 ish 84-90 ish 90-94 ish
Squiggle 1
Squiggle 2
Word fillers
Fold-up cube
Puzzle page
Square spiral
Pre-historic pipes
Hex spiral 1
Wonky waffle
Hex spiral 2
Grand patio
Huge cube-tube
Left/right only
Celtic knotwork
King-size duvet
Knights move

maze designs – © Andrea Gilbert 1979-1994