Maze of Life - an early collection of stable-states

An early set of stable-state goals uncovered by Carl Hoff by manual exploration from Y-start on a 7x7 grid. A complete set of all stable-state solutions achievable in 20 moves or less (from Y-start) can be found here.

Normal stable-state goals

Ed Pegg christened the above goals Y-retirement homes but really some of them are more prison like. Of the above goals approx half are escapable and half are inescapable. Escapable means the blue-cell can always move on and destroy the goal, inescapable means the blue cell cannot move. Only one of the above goals is half-and-half (it depends where the blue-cell ends up). Can you spot this special case?

Edge-based stable-state goals

Multi-cluster goals

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Material - Andrea Gilbert, Carl Hoff