Building a glider gun

As a grand finale here is an example of how the blue-cell can create a complete glider gun by combining and adapting the various move sequences introduced under riding the glider. Full analysis and commentary from Dr William Paulsen on how this sequence was developed, can be found here. I have added a few extra steps at the end to 'retire' the blue-cell and allow it (and us) to stand back and admire the results indefinitely. So, to watch the glider gun in action, just keep clicking on the blue-cell.

Because of the length of this sequence (744 steps from Y-start) I recommend you avoid using the undo button which can be very slow. Instead use Undo All, and then Redo to explore the sequence forwards from the beginning.

Sorry, this is a Java applet.

Update: In Jan 2003 Dr Paulsen added to these findings with iLife - optimal sequences. This enabled him to devise a move sequence that builds a glider gun in only 247 moves. A terrific improvement.

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