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Welcome to the clickmazes! Lots of unique interactive puzzles and mazes found here, and a few other things besides. Click on the links below to find out more. Enjoy... and let me know how well you survive.

New for April 2013 I offer the puff-ball puzzles. Don't be April fooled by their pink and fluffy appearance however, these little brainteasers still pack a punch. Also this month I tip-my-hat to Tom Cutrofello and his amazing Puzzle blog. Tom tirelessly seeks-out and reviews the best new puzzle apps, so the rest of us need never waste our quality puzzling time. Here is a very small sample of some of my recent favourites ... Brain Twirler, Tile'M All, Just Routes, Lazors, Puzzle Retreat, Tring, Blink Blox, Knight Moves, Blockwick 101.

Maze gallery
A portfolio of my maze designs collected over the last 30 years.

Wriggle collection
A collection of puzzles all based on the wriggle rule.
Attic gallery
A selection of scanned, hand-drawn mazes from the archives.
Tilt collection
A collection of puzzles all based on the tilt rule.
Puff-ball puzzles
Don't be blown away by this puffed up puzzle.
new: April 2013
Oskar's collection
A collection of puzzles from the hands of Oskar van Deventer.

BoxUp puzzles
Inside-out Sokoban. Push the boxes from the inside only.
updated: June 2012
Plank puzzles
Work your way across a swamp using an inadequate selection of planks.
Stepping-stone mazes
Mazes lurking in seemingly random grids of coloured stepping stones.
new: January 2012
Quantum maze
Can Schrödinger's cat solve mazes?
Orientation mazes
Tiny little 4x4 arrow mazes which are so much harder than they look.
Step-over sequence mazes
Don't trip up in this step-wise maze.
XL-up maze
From I to XL, and then keep going.
Colour-zone mazes
Roll the oblong block around the colour maze.
Maze of Life
Interactive game of life. Can you keep the blue cell alive?
Full-house puzzles
An Erich Friedman classic, of the 'fill-the-grid' genre.
No left turn maze
Looks so easy until you realise you can't turn left.
Tile puzzles
A tiny, meany jigsaw. Rearrange the tiles so that there are no loose ends.
Match colour or shape and clear the board
Send rays of light into the blackbox and deduce the location of the hidden atoms.
Mazes and puzzles based on simple grids of operators.
Knight's tour maze
A peep-hole maze based on the knight's move in chess.
Odd-one-out puzzles
A selection of picture and word puzzles.

 Andrea - a potted history. As a child in the 70s I drew free-hand mazes, ever larger and ever more detailed, on 2D and then 3D surfaces. In the 80s I preferred form and structure, strong patterns that could be broken in small ways to produce elegant mazes. In the 90s I turned increasingly to rules and logic to add extra layers of complexity and push my skills to the limit. More and more I lent on my own (and others) software engineering skills to help create, prove and solve my mazes. In the late 90s the web, and in particular java, finally provided me with the perfect tools to launch and share my ideas, and opened up a whole new range of possibilities. The web-based, interactive puzzle-maze, or the clickmaze. Keep clicking and be amazed!

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