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Erich's full-house puzzles

These clever puzzles by Erich Friedman were first show-cased at mathpuzzle.com in July 2004, where I fell in love with them immediately. Erich kindly provided me with another fifteen puzzles to feature here at clickmazes in interactive form.

For each puzzle first find the correct start square and then draw a path moving horizontally and vertically that passes through each open square exactly once. At each move the blue runner will always run in a straight line, as far as possible, stopping only when blocked by the edge of the grid, a black square, or a square already visited.

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Fill the grid using a single continuous path.


Use the puzzle drop-list to select a puzzle.
Use restart (action) or the space key to reset.


Click on the grid to mark your start position.
Click on the grid to move (or use the cursor keys).
Click on the start-mark to reset current puzzle.
Click on any path corner to unwind to that point.

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applet - © Andrea Gilbert 2004
concept & puzzle-set - © Erich Friedman 2004
hosted with permission from Erich Friedman