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PuzzleScript collection

This page is the clickmazes portal to the wonderful world of puzzlescript (PS). An impressive open-source toolkit for rapid-prototyping of simple HTML5 puzzle-apps. Since its inception in 2013 PS has been embraced by dozens of indie and hobby-level developers resulting in a mind-boggling, ever-expanding collection of puzzles, allowing anyone armed with a browser and a keyboard (recommended) to explore the amazing creations of some of the world's newest and most innovative puzzle-game designers.

In October 2020 I began to play. Then in February 2021 I began to develop. This page will hopefully track my progress on both fronts, as I attempt to hone my below-par solving skills and slowly morph into someone who could be mistaken for a wannabe indie games developer. I already have my own itch.io page. What next?

Quite possibly a contribution to the next thinky-collective game and a games-jam.

There is no way back...

Clickmazes.itch.io: A portal direct to my very own PS collection

Taster Menu No.1: A tasty sample of PS apps from the thinky-puzzle-games community

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