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The vexing hex-swamps

The hex-based swamp is a variation of the plank puzzle concept proposed by applet-author Graham. The hexagonal grid opens up a few more puzzling conundrums for intrepid swamp explorers to deal with, one obvious one being the choice of direction approaching the exit stump. Do you approach from above or from the left? A maze that offers a choice of exit routes is probably offering a white-hole and only one of those exit routes is reachable. If you are inclined to try and work a maze backwards, a white-hole is an extra hurdle to deal with.

The first puzzle illustrated here is called Four-by-four by virtue of being the first to feature exactly four planks (lengths 1, 2, 3 and 4). There are more hex-swamps to explore at the applet's home web-site (Henleymob). Many of the hex-swamps play on the word Twist thanks to their unique ability to seemingly spin you on one spot. For instructions please see the original planks page.

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concept & maze designs - © Andrea Gilbert 2000-2001
planks applet & hex-puzzle concept - © Graham Rogers 2000-2003
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