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Pipe mazes - 1998 to 2023

It's been over 25 years since clickmazes was first online. To mark the quarter century I dug deep into my archives for something that was part of that pre-Y2K debut, but never actually made it into interactive form.

Some of the earliest content at clickmazes were static structured mazes based on repeated patterns of interwoven pathways or pipework. I would start by crafting a small unit-tile that would naturally tesselate leaving no internal loose ends. Laying these tiles in an array would give me a template design of any desired size. From the template I could then hand-craft many mazes, by adjusting the internal pipework structure to create the necessary junctions and loops.

My oldest hand-drawn pipe-maze I still have a copy of is dated 1984, however the interactive collection below starts with my first digitised (BMP) design dated 1998. There follows four more mazes from my archives and finally one brand new maze, to create a mini-collection that spans the full quarter century. The six mazes are in order of creation, not difficulty, but you can use the puzzlescript-plus level-select menu to explore them in any order.

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