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A knotty deductive puzzle inspired by the ancient art-form of celtic knotwork. The goal is to finish the knot, by joining all the threads and dots, to form a single continuous loop.

As you will soon discover... you can only explore a limited section of the knotwork, starting from the top-left corner. As you connect more dots you will be able to explore deeper into the design but you will still only have access to the two ends of the path you've explored so far. This might seem a little restrictive, but I guarantee you can logically deduce the whole design without resorting to pencil-and-paper.

Development notes

This puzzle was designed for the 2023 Confounding Calendar. A free online advent calendar with at least one tiny new puzzling surprise to explore each day in December.

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concept & puzzle design - © Andrea Gilbert - 2023
puzzlescript implementation - © Andrea Gilbert - 2023