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3D tilt mazes

These are multi-layer tilt mazes, with the three layers interlinked with lift and drop points. A red ball is positioned in the north-west corner of the top layer and the challenge is to manouvre the ball to the south-east corner of the same layer.

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If the ball comes to rest on a spot marked Lift or Drop then it may be shifted up or down a level. A lift or drop can be cancelled by reversing it immediately.


Click Maze A/B/C/D to load a maze.
Return to Menu to select a new maze.


Click the tilt bars or use the cursor keys to roll.
Click Lift/Drop to shift up or down a level (when permitted).
Click Restart to restart the current maze.


r - restart current maze
l - lift a level
d - drop a level

The photo on the right shows a mechanical version of a 3D tilt maze made by Oskar van Deventer. The object of the puzzle it to get the ball-bearing out of the box by rolling it gently on a smooth surface. The puzzle looks like a classical dexterity puzzle. However, since you should not use dexterity to solve a tilt maze, the puzzle is called No Dexterity.

Note this version of the maze is truely 3D, the motion in all three dimensions is the same.

concept, applet & maze-design - © Andrea Gilbert - 1998