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Cups and peas puzzles

This variation on the tilt theme requires you to capture all the peas in cups of matching colour. An empty cup will always rotate to catch a pea, but will also drop it again, at the first opportunity. So re-arranging the peas is one half of the challenge and synchronising their capture is the other.

Unoccupied cups will always rotate to catch a pea if possible, but will also drop a pea if the path is clear. Black cups are spare, they do not have matching peas.

sample puzzle


Fill all the cups simultaneously with peas of their respective colour.

Where to play

The original applet is no longer available, but the puzzles are still accessible thanks to a javascript port by Graham Rogers. Click here to play.

concept - © Andy Williams & Graham Rogers
puzzle designs - © Andrea Gilbert - 2001-2002
JS implementation - © Graham Rogers - 2020