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This puzzle is a real can of worms. Can you rearrange the wrigglers so that each one covers its own colour-coded squares? Each worm can wriggle backwards or forwards, but not if another wriggler (or its own tail) blocks its path. In a small space even one wriggler can be hard to manouvre!

The single-worm puzzles are easier in general, so I recommend you try these first. I can guarantee all puzzles have been solved at least once - but some I never managed twice! Good luck.

sample puzzle

sample puzzle


Drag the wriggley worms by head or tail until each worm covers the squares of its own colour leaving only white squares exposed. Worms cannot cross or overlap.


Use the Puzzle drop-list to select a puzzle.
Use the Restart (Action) or hit space to reset the puzzle.


Use the mouse to drag.

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