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A route-finding, route-building puzzle game with two dissimilar but mutually dependent mechanics. Coordinate red and blue to solve the puzzles.

Red can move only on the grey paths (speckled or solid) whereas blue can move anywhere. Speckled grey path blocks will adhere to blue, effectively mutating the space that red can reach. Red will activate blue if it steps onto one of the plus-shape buttons. Blue will activate red if it pushes itself over red. If that sounds convoluted, I suggest you just give it a go. The tutorial levels will teach you what you need to know.


Switch-back is a first foray into what can be achieved with puzzlescript by deliberately mixing up the normal conventions of game play. Different puzzlescript sprites obey different rules, naturally, but typically only one type of sprite is nominated the 'player'. So what is achievable if you break this convention? Switch-back set out to explore this, although it is only the smallest first step down an infinite line of variations. A line I hope to revisit soon.

With thanks to the members of the Thinky-Puzzle-Games discord for play-testing, feedback and suggestions for extra levels.

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concept & puzzle set - © Andrea Gilbert 2021
puzzlescript implementation - © Andrea Gilbert - 2021