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Step-over sequence mazes

Step over the lines in the correct colour sequence, that's all there is to it. Two short collections of mazes are currently available, both implemented in puzzlescript. The first is a partial set of the original collection from 2006, and the second was added in Feb 2021.

Sample puzzle


Enter left, exit right. Step over the lines in the correct colour sequence to solve the maze. The sequence is displayed below the maze, repeat it as needed. The stepper icon will change colour as you move to indicate the colour of your next step


Pre-2010: play here
Feb 2021: play here

The first prototype (red-white-blue) maze, in action at Moulsford village green at one of our local village parties (June 2005).

The maze was inspired by the purchase of a cheap ribbon 'door' made of lightweight plastic strips. It was cut to pieces and stapled together again in an afternoon, and only survived a couple of outings.

The second prototype (red-blue-yellow) at final manufacturing stage (Oct 2005). This version is far more durable being made of heavy-duty polypropylene webbing, riveted together.

Four of these webbing mazes (two 4x4 designs and two 5x5 designs) were built for the Techniek Museum Delft, for use during their national Science Day in October 2006.

The second prototype in action at Gathering for Gardner VII in Atlanta (March 2006). Being road tested here by great logic-maze master himself Robert Abbott (www.logicmazes.com).

Beyond clickmazes

A few places where step-over sequence mazes have been spotted in the wild...

GAMES magazine cover (July 2007)

implementation, concept & maze design - Andrea Gilbert 2006-2021