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Punt mazes

These little puzzles can be viewed as a particularly mean variation on sokoban. As in sokoban the target is to push objects (in this case punt-discs or pucks) around a maze to cover various targets. In a punt maze however the pusher slides forward tilt-style until it hits an obstacle, and a puck that gets struck will be punted forward a matching distance.

The grey walls are a solid barrier to the green pusher but are no obstacle to a yellow puck. You can punt a puck through a wall or over and past another puck provided it comes to rest in a clear space. Punting a puck out of play (including onto a wall) is not permitted.

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Credit: CHz


Use the green cross as a pusher to 'punt' the yellow pucks onto their black targets.


The green pusher will run in a straight line until it hits a wall or a yellow puck. If it hits a puck the puck will be punted forward a matching distance.


See the guidance provided on the app homepage.

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Puzzle history

The punt mazes were originally featured on the greylabyrinth discussion forum, in March 2005. They were conceived by forum member mathgrant and implemented in JS by ralphmerridew. The original implementation is now lost in the labyrinthine tunnels of the internet itself, but lost does not mean forgotten.

In 2018 the original puzzle designs were rediscovered by itch.io developer CHz and resurrected in glorious puzzlescript. And so finally, as of January 2021, this page could be reborn.

As a miscellaneous footnote, it should be stated I can no longer solve these puzzles.

concept - © mathgrant (greylabyrinth) - 2005
maze designs - © Andrea Gilbert, mathgrant, fadeblue, zag & lostdummy - 2005
hosted with permission of all contributors