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The puffball puzzles

Welcome to the puffball puzzles. Lots of hot-air on offer here... but use it wisely. You can only move a puffball indirectly, by targeting it with jets-of-air from another puffball. So it will take cunning and forward-planning to achieve the goal.

The goal is to find the correct sequence of puffs to push all the puffballs onto the pale-pink target squares. Click on any red puffball to trigger a single puff. All other puffballs directly in line, horizontally or vertically, with the active puffball will get pushed away by one square (unless otherwise blocked). Note, you can't push a puffball off the grid, so once it reaches an edge it is stuck there, you might be able to push it along the edge, but never pull it back from the edge. So if you end up with more puffballs than target-squares on any one edge, well... you might want to start again.

Update April 2023: Puffball has now been ported to Puzzlescript-plus.

Applet (2013)

PS+ (2023)

Development notes (April 2023)

Puzzlescript Plus (maintained by Auroriax) was adopted for this port in order to make use of the all-important mouse-support. Various other PS+ specific features were utilised including level-select, tweening and sprite cloning. Most notably in this case there is a single, universal, extra-large (15x15) sprite that is copied and repainted to represent every single graphical element that you see on screen. A hackable version of the app is available here.

concept & puzzle design - © Andrea Gilbert - 2013
puzzlescript implementation - © Andrea Gilbert - 2023
puzzlescript plus fork - maintained by Tom Hermans (Auroriax)