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Tile puzzles ☕

The tile puzzles each consist of a set of six or more tiles, each tile coloured with a maze like pathway. Your challenge is to reposition the tiles so that the pathways all join up leaving no loose ends. You must use all the tiles, but the final shape is unrestricted.

New for 2020: the duplex-dilemma challenge ☕

Applet-runner plugin required


Arrange the tiles so the paths form a closed network with no loose ends (any shape permitted).


Click a main menu button to choose a tile-set.
Click Restart to reload current tile-set.
Click Menu to return to the main menu.


Use the mouse to drag the tiles around.
Double-click or press any key to rotate a tile.

Solutions are illustrated here: Beginner, Improver, Advanced, Expert. In November 2006 Matthieu Haller wrote a perl program to solve these puzzles and proved that no more solutions exist.

concept - © Andrea Gilbert: 1981
applet & puzzle designs - © Andrea Gilbert: 1998-2024