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Jump-by-number maze

The puzzles here originate from a little jump-by-number maze implemented by my brother Brett in his web-designer days. The first featured on his home website back in 2003, now relegated to the archives. It was implemented in newfangled javascript (well before HTML5 was defined) so the implementation is somewhat unconventional but it has stood the test of time.

In the first two mazes the goal is to find way from the spinning start square (top left) to the finish square (bottom right). The spinning number indicates your current location and also the distance you must jump to a new square. For the final challenge you have to visit every square (turn the grid red).

Original 5x5 maze (2003)

Jump-by-number and reach the target square


Click on a square to jump to it
Use horizontal and vertical jumps only


Reload page to restart

Bonus 6x6 maze (2020)

Jump-by-number and reach the target square

Movement & controls

As above

Bonus 5x5 challenge (2020)

Jump-by-number and turn the whole grid red

Movement & controls

As above

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maze designs - © Andrea Gilbert - 2003 & 2020
JS implementation - © Brett J. Gilbert - 2003
Hosted with permission from Brett J. Gilbert