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Erich's full-house puzzles

These clever puzzles by Erich Friedman were first show-cased at mathpuzzle.com in July 2004. A little later the same year Erich kindly provided me with another fifteen puzzles to feature here at clickmazes in interactive form.

For each puzzle first find the correct start square and then draw a path moving horizontally and vertically that passes through each open square exactly once. Movement must be in a straight-line turning only when blocked by the edge of the grid, a black square, or a square already visited.

Update September 2022: The original applet dating back to 2004 is no longer accessible but the original 15 puzzles have now been rescued and ported to Pedro's Kudamono editor and can be played by clicking on the links below...

Example puzzle from original applet

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Kudamono port - © Andrea Gilbert 2022
concept & puzzle-set - © Erich Friedman 2004
hosted with permission from Erich Friedman