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All puzzles featured on this page have been developed, or co-developed, by puzzle designer extraordinaire Oskar van Deventer of the Netherlands. Ever wondered what a 4D maze might look like? Or how your alter-ego might feel if trapped in a parallel-universe maze? Well now you can find out.

Update June 2009: Oskar is now presenting many of his latest and greatest mechanical inventions on YouTube.

In 2007 Oskar's Triangler game (a collaborative geometric outdoor mobile interactive game for mobile phone) recently won two of the presigious IMG Awards! Grand Prix and Most Innovative. See The IMGA 2006 winners and IMGA 2006 Nominees -Triangler

Active mazes
A maze on steroids - it just won't sit still!
new: Aug 2006
Jukebox puzzle
More coin-tumbling trickery to tie your brain in knots.
new: Jan 2006
Haunted vending machine
A great puzzle for chocoholics on a diet.
Belgian maze
Two steps forward one step back (or was that forward?).
Threesome maze
Three-way co-operation problems.
Polyfold puzzles
Crazy shape folding puzzles. 2D origami gone mad?
Parallel universe maze
Ego versus alter-ego. Can you satisfy them both?
Tilt with a twist. A tilt inspired puzzle from Oskar.
Counter-step mazes
Featuring a very contrary blue dot.
4D maze
Lose yourself in the fourth dimension.
Four-bit mazes
Tiny mazes based on just four binary bits. Can you switch off all the lights?
Tunable maze
An amazing fractal design. See it in action - and now play the maze too!
Hysteresis mazes
Negotiate the maze using left and right movement only.

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