XL-up maze

Way back in 2005 I turned the grand old age of 40 and designed a maze to mark the passing of the years. Starting from the central square, step out the roman number sequence from I to XL (1 to 40), starting I, II, III, IV etc. The roman-numeral sequence doesn't stop at 40 however, so as a secondary challenge why not see how much further you can go... 50? 60? 70?

The goal is to step out the roman numeral sequence from I to XL (1 to 40). So that's I,II,III,IV,V... and so on, punctuated correctly with blank spaces. Hint: keep an eye on the rolling ticker-tape underneath the grid if you can't remember how to count in roman numerals.

The original applet is no longer available, but the mazes are still accessible thanks to zaratustra at itch.io...

New January 2021: XL-Plan is a surprisingly tricky twist on original XL-up, implemented in puzzlescript (credit: Mark Richardson).


Back in 2005 I asked the question... is it possible to construct an alternative 7x7 grid where the sequence can run even deeper? In September 2006 Ben Small did just this and found a maze that runs even deeper than my original maze. Ben's grid has thus been added as a second challenge.

concept & maze design - © Andrea Gilbert - 2005
Ben's challenge maze - © Ben Small - 2006
puzzlescript implementation - © Guilherme S. Töws - 2018