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Original wriggle

This puzzle is a real can of worms. Can you rearrange the wrigglers so that each one covers its own colour-coded squares? Each worm can wriggle backwards or forwards, but not if another wriggler (or its own tail) blocks its path.

The apps below are simple javascript apps that replace the original java applets. Touch or click on a play-area to bring it into focus and then use touch or the mouse to drag the worms around the grid. The goal area for each wriggler is indicated in a pale (half-tone) colour. There is no way to select a particular puzzle, when one puzzle is completed, a new puzzle will be loaded.

Single-worm puzzles (8)

Multi-worm puzzles (12)

New January 2021: Wriggle demake is a reinterpretation of original wriggle implemented in puzzlescript (credit: Tapio Saarinen). Due to the natural limitations of PS a cursor is required to manipulate the worms, which adds a novel additional layer to the puzzling challenge.

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