The active mazes

Imagine an active maze where the wall change with every step that you make. Everytime you think you see a way to the target, a wall just blocks you path or the target moves away. Still, there is only one simple rule...

Rule: When you move forward, the square at your right-back swaps with the square on your left-front, this is known as the diagonals swap rule.

"Diagonals swap"


Your aim is to drag the round dot onto the red square.

Use the Puzzles drop-list to select a puzzle.
Use Restart (Actions) or hit space to reset the puzzle.
Use Auto-generate to generate a new random puzzle.(*)

Use the mouse to drag, or use the cursor keys.

(*) Warning, some older JVMs may not display the 'generating' pop-up correctly. Note also, auto-generate runs for up to 5 seconds to try and generate a new puzzle. For the larger grids, on a slow PC, this may not be long enough to find a decent puzzle, resulting in a trivial challenge. If this troubles you, please find a faster PC!

Concept, applet & puzzles – © Oskar van Deventer & Andrea Gilbert 2006
Hosted with permission from Oskar van Deventer 

Although designed by Oskar, much of this puzzle is Andrea's. The Active maze puzzle was inspired by Andrea's Maze of Life and Colour-wriggle mazes. Also, Oskar reused much of Andrea's Java source code, which explains the similar look and feel with some of Andrea's other projects.