Oskar's four dimensional maze

This maze puzzle is really four dimensional. Can you manouvre the four-dimensional runner to its four-dimensional goal? This puzzle was designed and implemented by Oskar van Deventer of the Netherlands.

Sample puzzle

click below to play

This program requires a Java-enabled browser.

Manouvre the red runners onto the blue target. Notice that the four runners are coupled and always form a rectangle. A move is only possible if the coupled runners can move simultaneously. Learn the operation by first playing the 'trainer' challenge a few times.

Use select maze to select a puzzle.
Use reset to restart the current puzzle.

Move a pair of red dots by dragging one with the mouse
Or use tab and cursor keys


The photo on the right shows a mechanical realisation of Oskar's 4D Maze. The red disc contains two mazes, there is a second disc on the reverse that contains another two mazes. The 'runners' are the clear spheres, there are two more on the reverse. The runners are locked in pairs (back and front) and also locked to the green and yellow semi-circles which can be slid apart in a controlled manner to effect the 'always form a rectangle' rule. The photo here illustrates the start position, the goal is to solve all four mazes simultaneously, so the puzzle comes to pieces.

The illustrated puzzle is an exact copy of maze '4x4x4x4' (see applet) but translated into three-dimensions as opposed to four. Puzzle design is by Oskar, and manufacture is by George Miller.

applet & puzzle design – © Oskar van Deventer 2003
hosted with permission from Oskar van Deventer