Tile puzzles

The tile puzzles each consist of a set of six or more tiles, each tile coloured with a maze like pathway. Your challenge is to reposition the tiles so that the pathways all join up leaving no loose ends. You must use all the tiles, but the final shape is unrestricted.

Known solutions are now listed here: Beginner / Improver / Advanced / Expert. If you find an unlisted solution please email me.

Sorry, this is a Java applet.

There are four tile sets to chose from, the beginner's set should take just a few minutes; the expert set might take up to an hour.

Click a main menu button to choose a tile set.
Click Restart to reload current tile set.
Click Menu to return to the main menu.

Use the mouse to drag the tiles around.
Double-click or press any key to rotate a tile.

concept, applet & puzzle designs – © Andrea Gilbert 1998