Magnetic block puzzles

Yet another puzzle based on tilt, and yet another great applet by Graham. This variation on the tilt theme uses sliding blocks similar to my original tilt-puzzles, but this time the blocks cling like magnets when they come side by side. Your aim is simply to unite all the blocks into their colour groups, it doesn't matter exactly where.

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The puzzles will appear in a pop-up frame. Full instructions and an introduction to each sample are listed below. This applet only illustrates a few sample puzzles, to explore the full collection, you must visit henleymob.

Puzzle Title Notes
Sample 1 Vertical shuffle Shuffle round and pair off the eight coloured blocks
Sample 2 Help or hinder Are those black marbles a help or a hindrance?
Sample 3 Through the eye Two pairs of double blocks and one small gap
Sample 4 Bridge builder Build a bridge to connect the two anchored blocks
Sample 5 Jiggle Not much space to manoeuvre here, so keep jiggling
Sample 6 No walls As pictured above

Watch this list for new and more varied samples in the future.

Your challenge is to unite all the blocks into their colour groups by sliding them around until they stick together. All blocks move at the same time, except those that are prevented by other blocks or walls. Note, a block cannot move through a wall, but the magnetic effect may still capture blocks on the other side. Black marbles just rattle round and get in the way.

Use the Menu drop-list to select a puzzle.
Use Actions/Save to record a move sequence.
Use Actions/Load to load your own encoded puzzle (not useful yet).

Use the cursor keys or tilt buttons to tilt the tray.

space button - resets current puzzle

maze designs – © Andrea Gilbert 2001
applet – © Graham Rogers 2001